Mukesh Incense Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. (MIEPL) is amongst the top global leaders in the manufacturing and export of perfumed and masala agarbattis. For over five decades now we have been manufacturing & marketing our assorted aroma of incense sticks, high-quality masala sticks, dhoopsticks and cones to our customers across the globe in more than 40 countries. We have unmatched expertise in aroma technology and that is reflected in our innovative and wide product variety and an ever growing market of loyal customers around the world. We are known and established for our superior quality products in our own brand as well as private labels.



India is a land of ancient culture, mysticism and yoga. As Indians we take pride in being a part of this cultural heritage and aspire to treasure it for years to come. Prayers form an integral part of Indian homes. In line with this thought, Mukesh Incense was established as a partnership firm with two founders in 1968. MIEPL has come a long way with second and third generation of family leading from the front. The business started as a humble manufacturing unit offering a few perfumed agarbatties and dhoopsticks. However, with time, there was a huge evolution in the world of aromatic fragrances, along with customers' needs. MIEPL has evolved along with the time to cater to all the needs of its customers and all our incenses and fragrances not only provide you with rich aromatic experience but also create a perfect ambience for your daily prayers, meditation, and yoga.

With time, the concept of aromatherapy massage, burning incense sticks and incense herbs for spiritual practices, using aromatherapy diffuser oils to promote healing and relaxation or using certain incenses to purify and cleanse a space became popular around the world.

So we recognized the need to expand our product portfolio to meet increasing customer demands while retaining our focus on our signature brand of ‘Mukesh’ Incense and Dhoopsticks, our flagship collection.

Keeping these new requests in mind, we extended our product lines to match the needs of our customers. This involved in-demand products such as fragrance oils, essential oils, reed diffusers and electric aroma diffusers as part of the new collection. Adding this to our selection has helped MIEPL to align with an even larger set of potential consumers across the world.



To establish and create MIEPL brands as the leaders in their specific categories by curating fragrances and delivering authentic products while abiding by the highest standards of quality.



MIEPL takes pride in its world-class infrastructure that boasts of state-of-the-art manufacturing, fragrance lab and design studio facilities. We have a team of professionals comprising of experienced as well as young people who bring together unique skill sets towards creating pure and aesthetic incense sticks and dhoopsticks. Our skilled perfumers amalgamate art and science together with aroma chemicals, natural essential oils, resinoids and natural odiferous materials procured from all around the globe to create new mesmerising fragrances. Our aim is to ensure superior quality incense sticks at optimum cost with minimal wastage.

Through our efficient research and development, we aim to deliver exceptional innovation, best-in the-market and one-of-its-kind incense products to our customers. As a company, we strongly emphasise on the quality of the product and the experience delivered through it. To ensure this, we pass all our products through stringent tests at each stage during the production process. At MIEPL, we have Quality Control (QC) and Quality Assurance (QA) units which help us in providing flawless and supreme quality products.

The team at the MIEPL design studio is constantly working to create new and innovative packaging. We also have product-specific and country-specific packaging.



100% Recyclable Materials Used For Packaging

We optimise our packaging to reduce environmental load by using recycled materials resulting in less waste.

No Emission of Toxic Gases

All our products are manufactured after going through stringent tests at every stage of production. They are free of any harmful toxic gases or emissions.

Women Empowerment & Child Labour Free

We provide sustainable means of employment and livelihood to unskilled and semi-skilled labour with more than 70% of our workforce being women. We do not employ any child labour.